Environmental Awareness

Global environmental issues are considered the most important and the most difficult challenge that humanity is currently faced with. Air pollution due to increased industrialization and motorization, soil and groundwater contamination due to sewage, global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and declining biodiversity and the destruction of the ecosystem that accompany development – all of these make it critical for each of us to increase our awareness about environmental conservation and do all we can to try and restore what has been lost in exchange for the comforts of modern life.

Environmental Measures

Our company is committed to conservation by proactively promoting environmental awareness in every aspect of design, construction, and maintenance undertaken as part of our service delivery.

  • Do your utmost to reduce waste.
  • Promote the recycling of resources.
  • Make every effort to eliminate noise and air pollution at work sites.
  • Separate and collect unneeded material and store them in designated areas.
  • Improve the emergency management system to ensure the preservation of a clean environment.
  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 by establishing and enforcing an idling stop policy.

Regional Contribution Activities

As a member of the Volunteer Support Program (VSP) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), our company actively participates in community cleaning and beautification activities.
The VSP was established based on our natural desire to preserve the cleanliness of our living environment. This program takes a leaf from the Adopt-A-Highway Program in the United States, as part of which volunteers adopt and take care of a roadway as if they owned it and were responsible for it. Although the program starts with activities aimed at cleaning up roads, the hope is that it will enable the revitalization of local communities as it expands.