Construction Licenses

Trade Name & Official Name NAKASHIMA & Co.,Ltd.
Name of Representative Yasuhiro Nakashima
General Construction & Special Construction Licensed Construction Category
Special Construction Piping Construction Work
General Construction Machinery Installation Work
General Construction Roof Constraction Work
Fittings Construction Work
General Construction Fire Fighting Facilities Construction Work
Tile / Brick / Block Construction Work
General Construction Electrical Construction Work
The Store Construction Works Piping Construction Work, Fire Fighting Facilities Construction Work, Machinery Installation Work, Fittings Construction Work, Roof Constraction Work, Tile / Brick / Block Construction Work, Electrical Construction Work

ECO COMPANY Registration

Trade Name & Official Name ECO COMPANY of Global Warming Countermeasures of Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

License for Advanced Management of Medical Devices

Sales & Rental Lisence for Advanced Management of Medical Devices Obtained